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LED Behaviour – VBOX 3i ADAS


Solid green indicates that a suitable power source is connected, unit is fully booted and ready to use.

PWR - green 140x186-0.png  
Solid red indicates that the VBOX is not ready to operate, either because it is still booting up, settings are being written to the unit or because there is an error condition. PWR - red 140x186-0.png  

Solid green indicates that the event marker input has been activated/triggered.

D IN - green 140px-0.png  

Flashing green indicates that expected incoming CAN data has been decoded properly and is being logged.

RLCAN -flashing green - 140px.gif  

Flashing green indicates that expected incoming CAN data has been decoded properly and is being logged.

CAN -flashing green - 140px.gif  

Flashing yellow indicates that there is incoming Serial traffic through this socket.

SER -flashing yellow - 140px.gif  

V2 Bluetooth module – Flashing blue indicates Bluetooth is initialising communications with a Bluetooth device.

BLUETOOTH - flashing blue - 250px.gif  
Solid blue indicates the VBOX unit has a Bluetooth connection with another Bluetooth device. BLUETOOTH -blue - 250px.gif  

Flashes blue when data is being written to the card.

CF - flashing blue - 350px.gif  

Solid green when the VBOX is capturing data to the CF card.

LOG - green - 300px.gif  

Flashing red indicates no satellites in view

SATS - flashing red - 250px.gif  
A flashing green sequence indicates the number of GNSS satellites currently being tracked. Each flash indicates a satellite with a short pause between each sequence. SATS - flashing green - 250px.gif  
  Sequence showing 4 Satellites  

Flashing orange indicates DGPS is set but not locked (either 2 cm RTK, 40 cm local DGPS or NTRIP).

DIFF - flashing orange - 250px.gif  
Solid orange indicates a Float RTK status (either 2 cm RTK or NTRIP) or a Fixed DGPS lock (40 cm local DGPS or SBAS). DIFF - orange - 250px.gif  
Solid green indicates a Fixed RTK lock (either 2 cm RTK or NTRIP). DIFF - green - 250px.gif  

Solid orange indicates that dual antenna mode is enabled.

DUAL - orange - 250px.gif  
Solid green indicates dual antenna lock is fixed. DUAL - green - 250px.gif  

Solid orange indicates that the IMU integration is enabled but that no IMU is connected or that the detected IMU is invalid.

When using an IMU04, you must make sure that it is:

  • connected using an RLCAB119 to the 25-way D connector
  • is set to Racelogic CAN mode
  • is running the latest release firmware
IMU - orange - 250px.gif  
Flashing orange shows IMU is connected and integration initialisation is running. This will not be completed until the VBOX unit has had a satellite lock while being stationary for 30 seconds. IMU - flashing orange - 250px.gif  
Flashing green indicates that the integration Initialisation is complete – movement not yet detected. IMU - flashing green - 250px.gif  
Solid green indicates that it has detected movement – the IMU integration is working. IMU - green - 250px.gif  
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