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10 - VB3i Dynamic Modes


The VBOX has three dynamic modes. These dynamic modes directly change the SMI smoothing index applied by the GPS engine to all Doppler-derived data, notably speed and heading. The lower smoothing levels have a higher dynamic response but are adversely noisier.

The dynamic mode can be changed via the VBOX Setup Software or using the VBOX ManagerThe three options are:

  • High dynamics: The ‘High dynamics’ setting should be used for high accuracy trigger brake stops or any test where time and distance are critical and the vehicle test incorporates highly dynamic manoeuvres.
  • Medium/ Normal dynamics: The 'Medium' or ‘Normal’ mode should only be used for any testing that does not involve any high dynamic manoeuvres.
  • Low dynamics: The ‘Low dynamics’ mode can be used for smoother velocity and heading data and less acceleration noise only in lower dynamic tests.
VB3i VBOX Setup GPS Settings Dynamics.png
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