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VBOX IISX 20 Hz GPS Data Logger

VBOX IISX (RLVB2SX) is a powerful data logger for measuring the speed and position of a moving vehicle.

It uses a low-power, multi-frequency, multi-GNSS receiver, which tracks GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo satellite signals simultaneously. This makes it very robust and reliable in areas with obscured GPS reception.

VBOX IISX measures acceleration, braking distances, lap times, cornering forces and more, at an update rate of 20 times per second.

VBOX IISX features a high-contrast OLED screen display and buttons for basic manual configuration without a PC. It also has a USB serial connection in addition to RS232 connection. A built-in CAN interface enables the logging of up to 16 channels of the vehicle CAN data without the need for external modules.


If you are not sure which version of the VBOX II you have, we explain how to find your product code, serial number and version number here



 VBOX IISX Single Antenna

  • Non-contact measurement using GNSS
  • USB and RS232 serial interface
  • Multi-frequency, multi-GNSS 20 Hz receiver
  • SD Card logging
  • CAN interface for logging of vehicle data
  • 2x Analogue outputs and 2x Digital outputs
  • CAN Bus interface: connect to all VBOX input modules
  • Accurate brake/event trigger input
  • Logging of up to 24 data channels in addition to up to 13 standard GPS channels
  • OLED Screen display
  • Configuration buttons on front panel
  • Wide range of power input: 6 – 30 V DC


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