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05 - Coastdown SW Overview


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  1. Menu / setup buttons - Allows the user to define all test conditions.
  2. Test Range Indicator - This section gives the details of the defined test ranges and indicates which range is currently under test. 
  3. Start / Stop button - This button starts and stops the current test. 
  4. Test Status Indicator - This indicates the current status of the test in real time, in both English and in a colour coded system.
  5. Reset Button - This clears all results and returns the test to the start conditions.
  6. Reset direction button - This window shows the current speed of the vehicle, in either MPH or KMH
  7. Test Progress Table - This table shows the results for each test increment in both directions, along with the average of these two directions, the running average of all the test so far, the standard deviation of the running average and the statistical accuracy of the results, all in real time.
  8. Live Speed Window - This window shows the current speed of the vehicle, in either MPH or KMH
  9. Live GPS UTC time window - This section displays the current Coordinated Universal Time in 24h format. This resets each day from 00:00h (midnight)
  10. Live Accelerometer data - This is the IMU data in the horizontal and vertical plane. (X&Y axis)
  11. IMU data trace - If used, this graph shows the trace for the data received from the IMU.
  12. Speed vs. Time Trace - This is a real time plot of the speed of the vehicle, whether accelerating to start conditions of decelerating due to a coast down.
  13. Licensee details - Name and logo of company to whom the software is licensed to.
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