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OLED Displays used with VBOX Video HD2

When you are using your OLED Display with VBOX Video HD2, you can upgrade the firmware on your OLED Display via the VBOX Video HD2 unit.

To do this, you need to have the correct firmware loaded to your VBOX datalogger first.  

To upgrade the OLED Display firmware to version 1.14, you must be running the VBOX Video HD2 firmware version 1.3.83 on your Video HD2 unit. 

You can download the latest VBOX Video HD2 Firmware file here.

VBOX Video HD2 - 2 cams.jpg

How to run the OLED Display firmware update:

  1. Download the VBOX Video HD2 Firmware upgrade file and unzip it.
    (Your unit must be registered to receive the required login details for the download. You can register it here.)
  2. Place the upgrade file on the root directory of an SD card (not in the media or any other folder).
  3. Power the HD2 unit and wait for it to boot up.
  4. Insert the SD card. The unit will beep twice when the media has been initialised and the OLED firmware has loaded.
  5. Power-cycle your VBOX Video HD2. 

    Now you can transfer the firmware file to the OLED Display.
  6. Press and hold the highlighted button (as per the images below) on the OLED Display while you connect it to the Video HD2 unit to apply power.

*Regardless of the Screen Orientation on your OLED Display, you must press and hold the following button to start the firmware upgrade process:   

DSP04 - firmware update button.png DSP05 - firmware update button.png DPS06 - firmware update button.png
Firmware update button on DSP04 Firmware update button on DSP05 Firmware update button on DSP06
  1. Wait for the boatload screen. It will display a progress bar showing you that it is transferring and installing the new firmware file.
  2. When the process is complete, the OLED will switch off and on again by itself.

Note: If you want to check which firmware version your OLED is currently running, go to MENU > ABOUT to see the OLED firmware number.

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