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Installing Mini OLED Display DSP06-L

Display connection

When setting up the DSP06 Mini OLED display with a VBOX Video HD2 or a Video VBOX Pro


VBOX Video HD2

To connect to a VBOX Video HD2, connect the cable to the ‘CAN / SER’ port.


VBOX Video HD2 with CAN / Serial splitter cable 

To connect the Mini OLED Predictive Lap Timing Display and a CAN VCI at the same time to log external parameters from either a vehicle CAN Bus or a Racelogic expansion module.

Connect the single end of the splitter cable (RLCAB081) to the SER’ port on the VBOX Video HD2 and connect the Mini OLED Display to one of the dual ends and your CAN VCI to the other. 

Connection drawing _ HD2 and CAN VCI.png  


Video VBOX Pro

To connect to a Video VBOX Pro, connect the cable to the ‘SER’ port.

Connection drawing - VVB Pro and Mini OLED.png





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