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RACELOGIC Support Centre

Unsynchronised Video and Data

If you feel the recorded video from VBOX Sim is not correctly synchronised to the data, there a number of steps that can be taken to try and rectify the issue.

  1. Apply a Video Synchronisation Offset in milliseconds to correct it via the VBOX Sim software. This option can be found underneath the Video Capture drop down menu.

    Record video and data, making sure to capture some gear changes. Once this video and data is loaded in to Circuit Tools, check when the gear changes occur in the video compared to when they occur in the data and then apply the video synchronization offset accordingly. Re-record video and data and re-check the synchronization using the gear parameter in Circuit Tools.
  2. If you feel the video is getting progressively further behind when using PC Based video capture, this means that the PC is not keeping up with running both the game and the VBOX Sim video capture. Try reducing the resolution setting in VBOX Sim first of all – with the quality set to 'Medium’. If the issue ensues, reduce the resolution to the lowest option and the quality to 'Low'. UHD and ultra-wide display formats are very intensive - the capture resolution will likely need to be lowered in VBOX Sim. We are planning to introduce a video cropping feature in a future version to allow ultrawide video to be cropped to a 16:9 to reduce the load on the PC.
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