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Accel/Decel Test Aborted – Performance Box Touch

With Performance Box Touch you can do Accel and Decel performance tests. If you are performing a test and the run gets aborted before the end conditions are met, the most likely cause is that there was a drop in satellites that invalidated the run.

Performance Box Touch will only present accurate results and will not predict data. If Performance Box Touch loses its satellite signal during a test run, that run will get aborted to provide correct data only. The data from the previous run will still get recorded to the SD card for later analysis. 

It must make sure that the VBOX Touch has the optimum conditions for recording data. Follow the guidance below to avoid that performance tests being aborted in the future.


Tall buildings or trees can block GNSS signals, causing a reduction in the number and quality of satellites being tracked. The reduced number of satellites can lead to inaccurate position measurements and a noisy velocity signal.
GNSS works best in open areas. Avoid tree-lined roads.

GPS Coldstart

If Performance Box Touch is struggling to acquire a satellite lock, you may need to perform a GPS coldstart. This may be necessary when the unit hasn’t been used for several days or has moved location significantly since it was last used.

To perform a coldstart, press the COLDSTART button in the Diagnostics Settings menu.

Performance Box Settings Diagnostics v1.5 (v2).png
When you press the button, the unit will make an audible sound and you will see a ‘PLEASE WAIT’ message counting down from 3. Until the satellite lock has been acquired, the number of satellites will be displayed as '00' and the GPS status will show ‘SEARCHING FOR SATELLITES’. It will take approximately 25 to 30 seconds for the unit to reacquire the satellite lock.
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