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How to Pair Bluetooth Logging Switch with VBOX Video HD2


In order to pair your Bluetooth start/stop logging switch (RLACS224) with your HD2 unit, you will first need to select the correct setting within VBOX Video Setup software. The Bluetooth switch should then automatically connect with the HD2 when it is turned on and no other switch has been connected.

  1. Firstly, power up VBOX Video HD2.
  2. Insert the SD card in to a computer and open VBOX Video Setup Software, which can be downloaded here.
  3. Add a new scene or select a previously saved scene.
  4. Select ‘Bluetooth’ within ‘Settings’ and ensure that ‘Enable button’ is ticked.

Bluetooth Settings Enable Button.png

VBVS Mac General Settings Bluetooth.png

  1. Save to the SD card.
  2. Remove the SD card and insert it in to the fully booted VBOX Video HD2.
  3. If no other Bluetooth start/stop logging switch is paired with the HD2 and the unit is running Firmware Version V1.3.72 or later, the switch will automatically connect to the unit when turned on.
  4. If another Bluetooth switch is paired with the HD2, the existing paired switch will need to be removed using button commands or the Camera Preview App.
  5. To turn on, hold the Bluetooth switch within 1 m of the HD2 and press the ‘Record’ button – You should see the Record LED flashing orange while it searches for VBOX Video HD2.
  6. Once connected, the Bluetooth Record LED will flash green slowly (roughly once every three seconds).You can start/stop recordings and event mark files at the touch of a button.

HD2 Bluetooth Logging Switch.jpg

If for some reason the switch does not automatically connect with the unit, a pairing file can be installed on to the HD2 using the method below:

  • Once the scene has loaded, remove the card and insert the SD card provided with the switch*.
    Note: If the switch was not supplied with an SD card, remove the card used for recording, upload the file to it from a computer and insert it back in to VBOX Video HD2.
  • Within a few seconds, the HD2 will beep and the OK light will slowly flash orange.
  • Power cycle the unit.
  • Remove the SD card provided with the switch and reinsert the SD card used for recording.


*Bluetooth logging buttons purchased before the release of Firmware version 1.2.45 (prior to October '16) would not have been supplied with an SD card, information regarding this change can be found here. The pairing file is deleted from the card once installed onto VBOX Video HD2, we suggest you back up a copy before loading into the unit, in case for any reason you need to re-pair the Bluetooth button. Should you not have a backup and require a new file to pair, please contact