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VBOX Video HD2 Cameras


The 1080p camera for VBOX Video HD2 (RLACS222) features a LEMO connector and comes with a 3 m cable as standard. 6 m (RLACS222-6) and 10 m (RLACS222-10) cable options are also available, however, the 10 m variant should only be used where absolutely necessary as signal issues could arise due to the added length. No extension cables are available.

No extra lens sizes are available, however the camera input can be cropped within the scene (Windows, macOS) if required.

This camera will not work with the Video VBOX Lite, Video VBOX Waterproof or Video VBOX Pro.

HD2 camera.png

Technical Specification

Image sensor 1/2.8" Full HD Exmor CMOS
Effective pixels 1920 x 1080 (h x v)
Aperture F3.0
Synchronising system Internal, rolling shutter
Scanning system Progressive scan 1080p
Video output Racelogic proprietary LVDS
Dynamic range 72 dB
Gain control 0 – 48 dB in 0.1 dB steps
Gamma correction Custom
Shutter speed 1/30 ~ 1/33750 s
White balance Automatic (AWB)
Lens standard 6.0 mm (163° diagonal)
Focal length 0.55 m
Operating voltage 4.5 V DC
Operating current 130 mA (maximum)
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C
Measurement 24 x 81 mm (d x l)
Weight 135 g
IP rating IP65



Camera Ring Clamp
This camera ring clamp comes with standard (not-track) HD2 packages. It connects to the VBOX Video HD2 suction or roll cage mount.



Roll Cage Camera Mount
This roll cage mount comes with track packages. It has a solid aluminium body, connected to a curved mounting plate that can be secured onto the roll bar with either two jubilee clips or plastic worm drive hose clips (4 supplied) large enough accommodate an FIA-spec bar; also in the kit is a strip of protective rubber to stop the roll bar from being scratched.

*RLACS269 is required to mount HD2 cameras.



Windscreen Suction Mount
This suction mount comes with standard (non-track) HD2 and Video VBOX packages. It uses the same elbow joint as the RLACS286 roll cage mount, which can be removed and used with the RLACS267. This suction mount is also provided with OLED Displays.

*RLACS269 is required to mount HD2 cameras.



Mounting Cradle Suction Cups
A set of 3 suction cups for the RLACS287 Suction Camera Mount.



Camera Mount Extension
The camera mount extension bar extends the camera location by 100 mm. This is especially useful on vehicles with deep sun strips, giving you a much bigger view out through the windscreen - avoiding that 'letterbox' look. It will fit on any mount with a standard 1/4" in UNC thread.

Image shows the Camera Mount Extension pole screwed to the RLACS269 Camera Ring Clamp (top) and the RLACS260 Roll Cage Camera Mount (bottom).


Heavy-Duty Camera Clamp
This is an optional accessory that screws onto either the RLACS260 roll cage mount or the RLACS233 suction  camera mount and allows for secure mounting of an HD2 camera. It is of aluminium construction with a rubber liner to protect the camera.

The clamp is tightened with two M3 hex-socket screws that require a 2.5 mm Allen key. It is exactly the right diameter so that you cannot crack the camera even if fully tightened.



Roll Cage Bracket
This is the bottom half of the RLACS286 – just the curved bracket, two jubilee clips, four plastic worm drive hose clips and a protective sheet.

You may want to buy this instead of a full mount as you can dismantle a suction mount unit (RLACS287) and use the elbow joint with the RLACS267.


All of these items can be purchased from the VBOX Video HD2 Accessories section of our online store.