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Using Bluetooth Logging Switch with VBOX Video HD2

Bluetooth start/stop logging switch

There is an optional extra Bluetooth start/stop logging switch available for use with the HD2 (RLACS224). This can be purchased from our online store. This button is designed for in-car use and has a range of around 2 m.

The device will automatically connect to the unit when turned on. To avoid confusion or accidental pairing to an incorrect unit, the pairing process uses the button's individual MAC code, a unique identifier for each switch.

To pair the Bluetooth start/stop logging switch with your HD2 unit, you must first select the correct setting in the VBOX Video Setup software.

  1. Insert the SD card you want to use into a computer and open the VBOX Video Setup Software (which you can download here).
  2. Add a new scene or select a previously saved scene.
  3. Select Bluetooth in Settings and make sure that the Enable button is ticked.

    Bluetooth Settings Enable Button.png

    VBVS Mac General Settings Bluetooth.png

  4. Save the configuration to the SD card and remove the card from your computer.
Pairing HD2 with a logging switch

To pair a Bluetooth logging switch, you must first make sure that the HD2 unit is fully powered on.

  1. Power on the HD2 unit and wait for it to boot up.
  2. Insert the SD card into the fully booted VBOX Video HD2.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth switch by holding it within 1 m of the HD2 unit and pressing the Record button. You should see the Record LED flashing orange while it searches for a VBOX Video HD2 to connect to.​​

    If no other Bluetooth start/stop logging switch is paired with the HD2 and the unit is running Firmware Version V1.3.72 or later, the switch will automatically connect to the unit when you turn it on.

    If another Bluetooth switch is paired with the HD2, the existing paired switch will need to be removed using button commands or the Camera Preview App.
  4. Once connected, the Bluetooth Record LED will flash green slowly (roughly once every three seconds). You can now start/stop recordings and event mark files at the touch of a button.


  • Only one logging switch can be paired to a VBOX Video HD2 at any time.
  • The Bluetooth logging switch will go into ‘sleep’ mode after 1 minute of no activity.

If, for some reason, the Bluetooth switch does not automatically connect with the unit, you can install a pairing file onto the HD2 by using the following steps:

  1. Once the scene has loaded, remove the SD card from the HD2 unit and insert the SD card provided with the switch*.
    *If the switch was not supplied with an SD card, see instructions in the grey box below.  
  2. Upload the pairing file from a computer to the SD Card and insert it back into the VBOX Video HD2.
  3. Within a few seconds, the HD2 will beep and the OK light will slowly flash orange.
  4. Power-cycle the unit.
  5. Remove the SD card for the Bluetooth Switch and insert the SD card you are using for your recording.

If you do not have an SD card for your Bluetooth Switch:

Bluetooth logging buttons purchased before the release of Firmware version 1.2.45 (prior to October '16) would not have been supplied with an SD card and will require a pairing file, obtainable from Racelogic, when upgrading to Firmware version 1.2.45 or later. To do this, please remove the rear cover of the Bluetooth switch, on the inside of the rear cover you should then see a 12 digit code written on a silver sticker (MAC Code), as seen below:

bluetooth_switch_open (1).jpg

Please email this code, along with a request for a Bluetooth switch pairing file, to or give us a call. We can create a file and send this to you via email.

Note: The pairing file will be deleted from the card once it has been installed onto the VBOX Video HD2 unit. We recommend that you back up a copy of the pairing file before you load it into the unit, in case you need to re-pair the Bluetooth switch at a later date. If you require a new pairing file for any reason, contact

Un-pairing VBOX Video HD2 and a logging switch

To un-pair an HD2 unit and a specific Bluetooth logging switch, you must press and hold both buttons on the logging switch until both LEDs light orange.


Bluetooth button operation

Once the switch and HD2 unit have paired, the Bluetooth button will control the logging on the connected HD2.

Note: The HD2 unit will still follow the set logging conditions. Click here for more information on logging settings.

Pressing RECORD on the Bluetooth Switch should always act as a manual override to control the logging of the HD2, in exactly the same way as pressing the button on the front panel of the HD2 unit itself.

  • If the paired HD2 is recording, the RECORD LED on the Bluetooth button will flash green (roughly once every two seconds).
  • If the paired HD2 has no logging media inserted, and the manual logging control is activated, the RECORD LED on the Bluetooth button will flash red.


HD2 unit recording


No media fitted to HD2 – unable to record

MARK Button  

Event Marking

If the Mark button mode in the Bluetooth Settings is set to Event marker, you can press this button to mark an event. 

This will cause the MARK LED to flash green once, and an event marker will be logged in the .vbo data file.


Setting Gates

If the Mark button mode in the Bluetooth Settings is set to Set gates, you can press this button to set start/finish and finish gates.

Press once to set the start/finish gate at your current location. If you want a separate finish gate, press the button again when you are in the location you want to set the gate.  

Pressing the button will cause the MARK LED to flash green once, and the relevant gate will be logged in the .vbo data file.

Bluetooth switch technical information

Battery Type CR2032
Battery life – continuous use* Approximately 900 hours
Battery life – standby use** Approximately 3 years
Bluetooth range Approximately 2 m

*Continuous use means that the Bluetooth button is displaying a logging state, so the logging LED would be illuminated and there would be a live Bluetooth link to the VBOX Video. 

**Standby use means that the button has no live Bluetooth link, is not searching for any devices and is essentially ‘asleep’. The button can be ‘woken up’ at any time via a button press.

Battery replacement

Click the case apart by using the bottom indent. Slide the battery out by gently pulling the two tabs (highlighted in the image below) forwards. Insert the new battery and snap the case shut.

13 (1).jpg

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