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HD2 - Image Element - Windows


VBOX Video HD2 software comes supplied with a library of image elements. The user also has the option to load their own image or logo using PNG, JPEG or BMP image files. When adding a logo, ensure that the logo image is the right size or bigger than required - avoid making it larger in the software as it will blur the image.

Adding a supplied image element

Open the image library by clicking the ‘Image’ icon from the top menu bar.

 1 (1).png

A drop-down menu will then appear, allowing an image to be selected from the library. Clicking on a chosen image will load it into the scene. Once an image has been added to the scene, it can be clicked and dragged to the desired location. 

Note: Hovering over any of the image thumbnails will cause a larger preview of the image to appear.

Images Add.png

Selecting the 'Filter' drop down on the left enables you to filter the Images shown between default and custom created.



Adding a new image

Images types of PNG, JPEG or BMP can be loaded into HD2 software and can be resized to fit the scene layout. Example images are shown below.

3 (1).png



4 (1).png

Lap timing Image

Note: The image size cannot exceed the resolution of the video format being used, e.g. 1920x1080 (1080p) or 1280x720 (720p).

To load a new image, click the ‘Image’ icon from the top menu bar.

 1 (1).png

Within the drop-down menu, selecting the ‘New’ option will open a new window where the user can select and load an image file.

Images New.png

Resize the image using the icon in the bottom right hand corner.

122 (1).png


Image Settings

When an element is selected, its settings are shown in the right hand panel.

Images Settings.png

Loading a new image background

Images can be changed by clicking the search icon 10.pngnext to the currently loaded image.

9 (1).png

Elements and their associated settings can be duplicated within a scene by either right clicking on the element, selecting 'Copy' from the dropdown then right-clicking in an empty area and selecting 'Paste' from the dropdown, or by using keyboard shortcuts 'Ctrl + C' (Copy) and 'Ctrl + V' (Paste).

Element Copy.png Element Paste.png

Elements can be removed from the scene in two ways; either by right-clicking on the element, selecting 'Delete' from the dropdown and confirming the prompt, or by pressing the 'Delete' key on a keyboard, and again, confirming the prompt.

Element Delete.png


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