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06 - Circuit Tools - macOS Map

Map Overview

The Map pane shows both the circuit overlay and the line taken by the selected lap(s).

The trace from the fastest lap will be automatically selected and displayed when a file is loaded. A second lap can be chosen to compare against using the Laps area (a maximum of 2 laps can be selected for comparison). If multiple files are loaded, the fastest lap from each file (maximum of 2) will be automatically selected and displayed for comparison.

The fastest lap, or if only one lap is selected, will have a green trace, the second selected lap will have a red trace.

The vehicle position is identified as a red cross X cursor on the map. Moving the cursor within the Graph area will also move the cursor within the Map area.

There are a series of buttons and other operations as shown below.


Available Track Layouts

Selecting the Track Layout CT Mac Track Layout.pngbutton  will open a window where you can select from a list of potential track layouts based on the GPS position contained within the data. Click and drag through the layout options and simply click on the desired layout to select it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 13.52.42.png Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 13.52.50.png

Alternatively, you can load a custom circuit overlay (.cir file) that you have previously created, or has been created for you. More information on this can be found here.


Start / Finish Line

Selecting the More CT Mac More.jpg button will open a window where you can move the start/finish line or add a seperate finish line. This can be done by using the mouse to Left Click on the location of the circuit you wish to move the start/finish line to. Using Shift + Left Click will move the finish line only. Selecting Apply will save the changes.

Set Start  Finish Line.png



CT Mac Expand.jpg Toggle to expand the map view to full screen mode, or reset it to the default view.
CT Mac Map Best Fit.jpg Toggle to ensure that the whole track is visible (best-fit) within the pane, or reset the track view to the default.
CT Mac Centre on Vehicle.jpg Toggle to keep the map view centred on vehicle position, or to see the cursor move around the track.
CT Mac Toggle Colours.jpg Toggle coloured sectors on the track.
CT Mac Track Layout.png Show available track layouts.
CT Mac More.jpg Open the track wizard.

Left-click and drag to draw a box around the target area.

To reset zoom, left-click and drag from right to left.


Magic mouse: Single-finger swipe.

Trackpad: Two-finger swipe.
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