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03 - Circuit Tools - macOS Laps

Laps Overview

The Laps pane shows a list of laps for the selected session, with the lap time and split times for each open file. Each session has its own tab and can be closed by selecting the X on the tab.

By default, the fastest lap is selected when the file is opened. It is identified with bold white text and the lap number is highlighted green. You can select up to two laps for comparison by using the tick boxes in the left-hand column.

The tick box colours relate to the colours of the traces in the Map and Graph area and the borders of the videos in the Video area. The fastest lap, or if only one lap is selected, will be green, and a second selected lap will be red.


Splits are defined using the Start/Finish line, which was either contained in the file, or set with the Track Wizard. Split times have green (faster) or red (slower) text to show if they are faster or slower than the splits of the best lap. Magenta text signifies the best split/lap time across all open sessions.

An Ideal and Best lap are displayed at the bottom of the Laps pane. The 'Ideal' lap combines the fastest splits for the current session, while the ‘Best’ lap is the best lap for any open session.

Ideal-best splits.png

Changing The Display Mode

You can use the Settings button on the top right of the screen to change whether all individual laps are displayed, or the whole session.

Display Mode1.png

Lap Options

You can use the Settings button on the top right of the screen to choose to ignore short laps (selected by default) or to show unfinished laps, such as out laps and in laps.

CT Mac Settings Lap.png

Changing the Order of Laps

The laps are listed in lap-number order by default, with the first lap at the top. You can change the display order by clicking on the column headers. For example, by clicking on the Time column, they are arranged in time order. If you click in the column a second time, it will reverse the sorting order. 

Laps Time Order.pngLaps ordered by Time

Laps Split Order.pngLaps ordered by Sector 1

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