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04 - Circuit Tools - macOS Graph

Graph Overview

The Graph allows channel data for the selected laps to be compared. Up to 6 channels can be selected at any one time, the Speed and Delta T channels are selected by default when the file is opened.

Graph with captions.PNG

The trace from the fastest lap will be automatically selected and displayed when a file is loaded. A second lap can be chosen to compare against using the Laps area (a maximum of 2 laps can be selected for comparison). If multiple files are loaded, the fastest lap from each file (maximum of 2) will be automatically selected and displayed for comparison.

The fastest lap, or if only one lap is selected, will have a green trace, the second selected lap will have a red trace.


To move through a file, drag the Graph to the left or right, the legend on the right hand side of the screen will update the channel values accordingly. Moving the cursor within the Graph area will also move the cursor within the Laps area, if Video is being displayed, the video will skip to the selected location. A coloured bar above the graph shows where each split is in relation to the graph data. Clicking on a split will zoom the chart to that split.

It is possible to zoom to a specific part of the graph by left-clicking and dragging over the target area on the split bar. Pressing the Expand CT Mac Map Best Fit.jpg button will toggle the graph view to full screen mode, or reset it to the default view.

Delta-T (Lap-time Difference)

By far the most useful parameter for comparing Laps is the Delta-T channel. Delta-T is the running lap-time difference between two laps and gives a very clear indication of where time is lost or gained around the circuit.

When the Delta-T is increasing, time is being lost, and when it is decreasing, time is being gained.
At first, look for the largest changes in Delta-T and concentrate on these areas.

Sometimes, in a corner there may be a large gain followed by a large loss. This often happens when you enter a corner faster, but exit more slowly.

It is often surprising how much time you lose down the straight by exiting a corner a little bit slower than before.

Lap Alignment - Time vs. Position

There are two ways of aligning comparison data: Time and Position. Position is the default X axis and this is the method recommended for comparing two different laps. Time is used in special circumstances. The alignment can be changed by clicking on the Settings button on the top right of the screen.

CT Mac Settings Graph.png

Available Standard Channels

The selected channels can be changed using the Select Channels CT Mac Track Layout.png button.

Speed (km/h) GPS Speed over ground
Delta-T (s) Lap-time difference between two laps
Lat acc (g) Lateral acceleration (cornering g-force)
Long acc (g) Longitudinal acceleration (accel/braking g-force)
Combined g Combined lateral and longitudinal acceleration
UTC time (s) Co-ordinated Universal Time
Distance (m) Rolling distance travelled since start of lap
Satellites Number of satellites being tracked
Latitude Latitude position in degrees and minutes
Longitude Longitude position in degrees and minutes
Heading (°) Vehicle heading in degrees
Height (m) Height
Vertical velocity (m/s) Vertical velocity

Additional channels, such as CAN acquired channels, can be viewed by scrolling down within the popup menu.


Thumbnails are shown above the graph and allow interesting parts of a lap to be identified quickly, such as when another vehicle is just ahead. Each thumbnail image is for the part of the graph level with the left side of the thumbnail. There is also a Current Position indicator which let you know how far through the lap you are.

Thumbnails bar.png

Thumbnails can be hidden using the Show/Hide Thumbnails CT Mac Thumbnails.png button , or by using the Command + T shortcut.

Changing the Display Mode

The Settings button on the top right of the screen can be used to change whether all individual laps are displayed, or the whole session.

Display Mode1.png


CT Mac Map Best Fit.jpg Toggle to expand the graph view to full screen mode, or reset it to the default view.
CT Mac Thumbnails.png Toggle the thumbnail view.
CT Mac Track Layout.png Show available channels to compare.

Magic Mouse: Single finger swipe up/down

Standard mouse: Wheel

Keyboard: Up and down arrow keys


Keyboard: Left and right arrow keys for large increments, Alt + Left and right arrow keys for smaller increments

Magic Mouse: Single finger swipe left/ right

Trackpad: Swipe with two fingers left/ right.

Standard mouse: Left click and drag.

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