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02 - Circuit Tools - macOS Screen Overview

When you have loaded a data file into the application, the default screen view will include track/map, laps, graph and video areas. A selection of buttons on the top bar lets you load new files, close files, export files, control the playback, reset the screen layout and access the settings.

Layout Overview

The main analysis screen comprises of 4 different areas: Laps, Map, Video and Graph. It is possible to show, hide and resize each pane as desired.

Screen layout.png

The top toolbar contains a selection of buttons you can use to configure and control the software.

CT Mac Screen Overview.png


If you hover the mouse over any buttons, you will see a text box showing helpful hints and more explanation about the function of that button.

Open CT Mac Open File.jpg

By clicking on the Open toolbar button on the top left of the screen you can open a new file from your computer. You can find more information on this is here.

Close All CT Mac Close All.jpg

Pressing the Close All toolbar button on the top left of the screen will close all open files.


Copy From SD CardCT Mac Copy from SD Card.jpg

Clicking on the SD Card icon toolbar button on the top left of the screen will open the file transfer wizard, where you can copy files from your SD card to your computer. You can find more information on this is here.

Lap Timing ExportCT Mac Lap Timing Export.png

Pressing the Export toolbar button on the top left of the screen will export lap times as a .csv file.

Playback CT Mac Playback.png

By using the Playback toolbar buttons on the top of the screen to play, pause, step backwards and step forwards in the video.

Show/Hide MapCT Mac Toggle Map.png

The Map Pin toolbar button on the top of the screen allow you to toggle the map on or off.

Reset Layout CT Mac Reset Layout.jpg

You can use the Reset Layout toolbar button on the top left of the screen to reset the default screen layout.


SettingsCT Mac Settings.jpg

You can use the Settings toolbar button on the top right of the screen to change the lap alignment, the session display mode, lap options and the units used for speed, distance or height.

CT Mac Settings Menu.png

Resizing the Layout

Edit section
To change the size of the different windows, click and drag the blue borders surrounding the windows.

The following shortcut keys also allow the screen layout to be customised quickly:

Slide left/right Command + left/right arrow
Slide up/down Command + up/down arrow
Show/hide Map Command + M
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