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06 - Circuit Tools - iOS Laps

The Laps area is accessed by tapping the Right Arrow CTiOS Right Arrow.png on the left hand side of the screen. It shows a breakdown of all achieved lap times, along with delta-time detail, maximum velocity and split-to-split point times.

CTiOS Laps1.png

The best lap from any loaded session as well as an ‘ideal’ lap created from the best of each sector times across the session will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The lap number of the best lap is included for reference in case the selected fastest lap is not visible within the current view.

Any sectors slower than that of the fastest lap will be red, any sectors quicker will be green and fastest sectors of all will be magenta.

CTiOS Laps2.png

The data within the Laps area can be sorted by either the Lap Number or Time (in ascending or descending order) by tapping the column header.

CTiOS Laps3.png CTiOS Laps4.png

The fastest lap will be selected when a file is loaded. A second lap can be chosen to compare against using the tick boxes on the left hand side of the screen (a maximum of 2 laps can be selected for comparison).

If multiple files are loaded, the fastest lap from each file (maximum of 2) will be automatically selected for comparison.

Laps from different files can be viewed and selected by tapping on the file name at the top of the screen and choosing another file.

CTiOS Close File1.png CTiOS Change File.png

The tick box colours relate to the colours of the traces within the Track and Data Graph area and the borders of the videos within the Video area. The fastest lap, or if only one lap is selected, will be green, a second selected lap will be red.

CTiOS Laps5.png

To return to the main screen, tap on the Left Arrow CTiOS Left Arrow.png on the right hand side of the screen.

CTiOS Laps6.png CTiOS Laps7.png
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