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01 - PT / DT Software Basics

Opening PerformanceBox Files – Load All

To load a file that has been recorded by your PerformanceBox, click on the Load All button on the Toolbar. An ‘Open’ window will appear – navigate to the directory on your PC that contains your PerformanceBox files and select the file you wish to view.

pt2 (1).png

By default the ‘Files of Type:’ will be ‘PerformanceBox Binary Files (*.dbn)’, with a further option of ‘VBOX Data Files (*.vbo)’. Unless you are loading files that have been recorded using Racelogic VBOX equipment you will not need to select the .vbo file type.

Data Display

Once a file has been loaded the three windows will each display some information, as described in 'Window overview'.

pt3 (1).png

Note how in the example above, the Graph window is showing speed in Km/h (Y axis), and time in seconds (X axis); the Graph:Map shows the path the vehicle took whilst the file was being recorded (in this example the Laguna Seca circuit in the United States); and the Graph:Data window is displaying values from the file according to the position of the cursor in the Graph window.

The Toolbar displays the file name and total run time next to the PerformanceBox / DriftBox logo.

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