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10 - PT / DT Additional File Functions

By clicking on the small arrow next to the Load All button, a further set of file-loading options is revealed:

Load Compare File

The Graph screen has the facility to load up to three more files for comparison. Select one of the ‘Load Compare File x’ items and choose an additional file to examine: the data will be overlaid in the Graph screen, another data set will be displayed in the Graph:Data window, and the comparison file’s path will be overlaid in the Graph:Map window.

pt5 (1).png

To remove a compare file, click on the ‘Remove Run’ icon in the Toolbar and then select the relevant file to remove.

Append File to Main

.DBN files can be joined together using the ‘Append file to Main’ option. This is a useful feature if you want to join track sessions together in order to carry out lap time analysis on a whole day’s circuit practice, or to view an entire journey which was punctuated by stops.

Appending a file will join the beginning of the additional file to the end of the main file. If you wish to append files to the middle of the main file it will be necessary to manipulate the main file first using the Edit Data functions.

Note that if you have loaded a comparison file, this will be removed by appending an additional file to the Main Run.

Open in Notepad

A PerformanceBox file can be opened in Notepad by selecting the ‘Open In Notepad’ option from the ‘Load All’ drop down list. Note that for large files, it may take some time for Notepad to load all of the lines of data.

This function can also be used to open the other text files on your SD card such as the lap time results files, Results.txt and Best.txt.

Load Circuit Map

This feature allows you to load a circuit overlay file in addition to your logged PerformanceBox data, and is covered here.

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