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VBOX and RL Input Module Communication


The communication and connection between VBOX's and VBOX Input Modules is via a Racelogic proprietary CAN bus. A CAN bus connection means that many different VBOX input modules can be 'daisy chained' together along the same CAN bus connection.

The VBOX controls the flow of data from the modules by polling the input modules with a data request signal, in the form of a zero data CAN id.

The CAN id's for each channel of an input module are dependent on the serial number of the module. This CAN bus connection has a data rate of 500 kbit/s baud and uses the Motorola CAN protocol.

Each channel from any VBOX input module is 4 bytes 32 bits. When connected to VBOXIII's or VBOX20SX's input modules will transmit each 32 bit channel as an IEEE 32 bit float.

On all VBOXII's and VBOX Lite's each 32 bit channel is transmitted as a Racelogic Float, which is a Racelogic version of IEEE 32 bit floats.

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