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Curved Lane Testing Overview

Our Lane Departure system allows for accurate measurement of range and speed with a defined lane edge. It's ideal for testing vehicle Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS).

Lane Dep Curved Lane.png

Combining the VB3iD-RTK with the Video VBOX and vehicle CAN data provides a complete vehicle testing package. Lane Departure Warning testing consists of two stages:

  1. Lane Survey
    During this stage curved line edges can be surveyed using the Lane Survey Trolley (RLACS173-XXX*) to provide an accurate survey of the lane under test.
    *XXX denotes the type radio frequency if using a static Base Station – please refer to your distributor for further information.
  2. Measurement Tests
    In this stage the surveyed line edges are loaded into the test VBOX to act as a measurement reference. Then the Lane Departure Warning test can be conducted with the VBOX measuring all parameters with respect to the surveyed lane edges.

Configuration of the VBOX is done through VBOX Manager (RLVBFMAN).

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