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Hardware Configuration - Lane Departure Warning/ Park Assist (CAN Hub, Static Base and IMU)

To connect the hardware using a CAN Huba Static Base Station and IMU Integration for Lane Departure Warning or Park Assist test, please refer to the configurations below:

The following diagrams show the recommended hardware configuration for the for the Lane/Bay Survey and the Vehicle. The items greyed out are not essential but many customers may find them beneficial. Click on the diagrams to open a high resolution pdf configuration.

Connection between the VB3i and laptop/computer should be made via USB or Bluetooth to ensure optimum performance.

Please ensure that all vehicle antennas are correctly positioned and connected.

Lane/Bay Survey

Note: If you are using a CAN Hub during the Lane/Bay Survey, connect the components below as per the Vehicle configuration.

Single Multiple Target Vehicles (CAN Hub, NTRIP and IMU) - Subject.png


Single Multiple Target Vehicles (CAN Hub, NTRIP and IMU) - Subject.png

Radio Selection

ADAS DGPS correction radio selection will depend on many factors, including range requirements and what geographical location they are being used in. Click here for more information.

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