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ADAS Static Base Station Setup

A more comprehensive Setup guide can be found within the Base Station User Manual located here

Setup Steps

  • Setup the base station and tripod in a location with a clear view of the sky (more info)
  • Mark the location position if you wish to return and use the same saved position (i.e. 24 hour average) 
  • Connect the radio and antenna to the base station (more info)
  • Make sure the radio antenna is connected to the Radio port (Satel internally mounted radios) or Power/Serial port (2.4 GHz/ 868 MHz/ 915 MHz externally mounted radios)
  • Make sure the GPS antenna is connected to the GPS port
  • Power up the base station using the on/off switch on the front panel
  • Select the required DGPS Mode and Radio Setup in the setup menu
  • Scroll through the menu to SET TO AVERAGE
  • Press 'OK'
  • Select time period to average location
  • When countdown display reaches zero and displays 'LOCATION SET OK'
  • Press 'BACK'
  • Check red LED on right hand side of base station is flashing
  • If using radio with Rx/Tx LEDs, check Tx is flashing steadily (1 Hz)

Setup Video

Below is a step by step guide of setting the Base Station up for ADAS testing.


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