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01 Getting Started - IMU04

This page covers the information you need about your IMU04 unit before you start using it.

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What is in the box? 

When you purchase an IMU04, you will find the following items when you open the box:

Product Code Quantity Description
VBIMU04 1 Inertial sensor unit
RLCAB030-S 1 5-way S/P Serial cable for PC coms
RLCAB120 1 6-way S/P IMU to 5-way VBOX data cable
Optional Cable for IMU Integration 
Product Code Description
RLCAB119 IMU integration cable - 25-way D to 6-way S/P
Power Supply 

You have different options when it comes to powering your IMU04 depending on the functionality you want from it. If you are integrating it with a VBOX unit, the RLCAB119 Integration cable will also power the IMU04 via the VBOX unit. If you are using it with a third-party device or as a Racelogic CAN Module, you can power it via a VBOX unit with the RLCAB120 cable or use the RLCAB030-S cable and wire it to a suitable 12 V power source.

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