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4.1 General Menu

This page has an overview of the General menu in the VBOX Setup Software connected to a VBOX 100 Hz Speed Sensor (v5). It contains information about the current connection, the VBOX unit, the software and configurations.


Connection This area displays the selected COM port that is currently connecting the VBOX unit to the software. You also have a Disconnect button that you can use to disconnect the unit from the software. General - Connection.png
VBOX Information This area displays the serial number and installed firmware version of the connected VBOX unit, as well as the current software version. General - VBOX information.png
Diagnostics This area displays live GNSS data and the current setup. This area will be updates when you change the configuration on your VBOX unit.   General - Diagnostics.png
Configuration This area will display recent configurations and you can use the Load and Save buttons to import or export configurations from/to your connected computer.  General - Configuration - cropped.png
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