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4.6 Tests Menu

This page has an overview of the Tests menu in the VBOX Setup Software connected to a VBOX 100 Hz Speed Sensor (v5). This is where you can configure brake test and lap timing settings and load or save split gates and start/finish files.

Tests Menu.png

Brake test

Configure the start and end speed of non-trigger deceleration tests.

Start/End speed

Defines the start/end speed at which the test will begin and finish, set as 100 km/h and 0 km/h by default. 

Auto correct distance (nearest 10km/h)

This sets the speed sensor to use the nearest rounded 10 km/h speed when the trigger is activated. For example, if the trigger speed was 104 km/h, then 100 km/h would be the nominated start speed for the corrected brake stop distance. 

Correct distance to

By selecting this option, you can specify a speed value to correct all deceleration tests. 

Tests Menu - Brake test.png
Lap timing

Configure the lap timing settings, start/finish and split gates.

Gate width

This sets the width of any gates set (25 m by default). It is a useful feature when two parts of a track run very close to each other, or the pit lane is next to the start/finish line, as lowering this value can stop the virtual line from being triggered by the incorrect area of the circuit.

Lap pulse width

This option controls the duration of the lap time and splits the CAN pulse (1 s by default). Other lap timing CAN channels such as Lap Marker, start/finish crossing pulse or gate crossing pulse marker set to 2 s duration as default, or the highest digital pulse duration setting if greater. The CAN pulse width can not exceed any digital lap pulse output duration. If an invalid setting is set, the software will not allow writing to the unit. Hovering over the Write to unit button will report an invalid setting.

Note: For a Lap Beacon Pulse to be output by the VBOX unit, you must make sure that it has loaded valid virtual gate(s) have been loaded

Start finish/split to split time

Determines whether the 'Split Time' CAN channel is either the total lap time at split cross or the delta time between split lines.

Tests Menu - Lap Timing.png
Virtual gates
Use the Load button to load a .spl, .dsf or .vbo file containing start/finish and split gates. The gates can also be saved in a different format by selecting the Save button or removed using the Clear button. Tests Menu - Virtual Gates.png
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