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The Racelogic NTRIP Modem allows an RTK enabled VBOX to receive positional correction data via Network RTK without having to use a VBOX Base Station. Configuration is made via a Wi-Fi access point and the front screen will display status and connection information.


So that Racelogic can continue to provide you with notification of the latest software releases, firmware upgrades and to offer technical support, please register your NTRIP Modem.

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What’s Included

Product Code Quantity Description
RLCAB170 1 6 Way Hirose to 5 Way Lemo - 2 m
TTV2AMBBLK1M 1 USB-A to USB Micro-B Fast Data Charger Cable - 1 m
ANTMSTUBSMAM 1 Multi Band Antenna

Hardware Overview


The front panel of the modem contains an OLED screen which displays status and connection information.

The four buttons below the screen do not currently serve any function and are reserved for future use.

NTRIP Modem Front.png



The top of the unit houses a slot for inserting a Standard SIM card if are intending on using the internal 4G modem to connect to the NTRIP server, and a USB socket for updating the unit using the supplied USB cable. If you are connecting to another GNSS receiver rather than a VBOX, the USB socket can also be used to power the unit if power isn't available via the Hirose connection.

An SMA connector is also included for attaching the supplied antenna.

NTRIP Modem Top.png


The bottom of the unit houses a Hirose connector which is used to connect to a VBOX or other GNSS receiver via the supplied RLCAB170 cable.

NTRIP Modem Bottom.png

Screen Overview

NTRIP Modem Display.png

More detailed information on the front screen can be found here.


When you use the NTRIP Modem for the first time, it becomes a Wi-Fi access point. You can then configure the settings by logging into this access point using your phone or a computer. A webpage is then used to configure the unit to use the internal GSM modem or an external Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to your chosen correction service. Settings are retained after a power cycle.

If the unit is configured to use both the internal GSM modem and an external Wi-Fi hotspot, it will attempt to auto connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot first on power up.

  1. Attach the supplied antenna to the SMA connector on the top of the unit.
  2. If you are intending to use the internal 4G modem, insert a data Standard SIM card in to the slot on the top of the unit, with the logo facing the front screen side/ contact facing the rear, chamfered edge in first.
    Note: Ensure the card has been activated.

NTRIP Modem SIM card.png

  1. Connect the supplied RLCAB170 cable from the bottom Hirose connector on the unit to the 'CAN' port of the VBOX 3i or other GNSS receiver. If using VBOX 3i, ensure that the correct DGPS mode has been enabled, more information on this is available here.
  2. Apply power to the connected VBOX or other GNSS receiver. If you are using another GNSS receiver and power isn't available via the Hirose connection, the modem can be powered from the USB socket using the supplied TTV2AMBBLK1M cable. More information on this is available here.
  3. The modem screen will display a Wi-Fi hotspot name and IP address which is used for configuration of the unit. Using a phone or a computer, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings on the device and connect to the hotspot name. Open an internet browser and enter the IP address within the address bar.

NTRIP Modem Connect.png
Wi-Fi hotspot name and IP address example

  1. If you are intending to use an external Wi-Fi hotspot, such as a mobile phone or battery powered hotspot to connect to the NTRIP sever, press the 'Change settings' button next to the Wi-Fi heading. Enter the name and password of your hotspot and then press the 'Save and restart' button. Once connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot, the unit will briefly display a 'Wi-Fi Connected' message.
  2. If you are intending to use the internal 4G modem, press the 'Change settings' button next to the Modem heading. Enter the APN, Username and Password associated with your network provider and then press the 'Save and restart' button. Once connected to the network provider, the unit will briefly display a 'Connected (mobile data supplier)' message.
  3. To configure the NTRIP correction service details, press the 'Change settings' button next to the NTRIP Caster heading. Enter the Server Name/ IP Address, Port, Mount Point (correction data stream), Username and Password information (if required) and then press the 'Save' button. Once connected to the NTRIP server, the unit will briefly display an 'RTCM Streaming' message. If there is a problem with the server details entered, the unit will briefly display an 'Invalid Caster Credentials' message.
    Note: These details will be provided by your NTRIP service provider.
  4. NTRIP Modem is now setup ready for use, the front screen will display status and connection information.

NTRIP Modem Display2.png


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