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Kalman Filter Status – VBOX 3i


The table below shows the hex and decimal numbers associated with Kalman filter status.
The VBOX can have a number of these status flags active at the same time so the resultant number shown in VBOX Test Suite, VBOX Setup or a logged file will be a result of adding together the numbers of the active statuses shown below.

Kalman Filter Status Hex Decimal
kf_Clear 0x0000 0
kf_NEWIMUVersion 0x0001 1
kf_TestMode 0x0002 2
kf_Use 0x0004 4
kf_Initialised 0x0008 8
kf_IMUDataFound 0x0010 16
kf_GoodLock 0x0020 32
kf_Reset 0x0040 64
kf_CoastingTimeout 0x0080 128
kf_IMUFound 0x0100 256
kf_Initialise 0x0200 512
kf_IMUmounting_error 0x0800 2048


Enter Status to decode: 

Kalman Filter Status = 317 (13D Hex)

256: kf_IMUFound
32: kf_GoodLock
16: kf_IMUDataFound
8: kf_Initialised.
4: kf_Use.
1: kf_NewIMUVersion.

256+32+16+8+4+1 = 317

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