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The CAN menu provides the ability to configure the CAN Bus baud rate and set the transmitted identifiers.


VBII VBOX Setup CAN Settings.png

Vehicle CAN Bus (VCI) Baud Rate

The software will display four selectable baud rate input values: 1 Mbit/s, 500 kbit/s (default), 250 kbit/s or 125 kbit/s. A custom option is also available where you can select a specific setting.

If the CAN Mode is set as 'RACELOGIC MODULES MODE' and the CAN Bus Mode is set to 'Internal', the software will select the Racelogic baud rate of 500 kbit/s. This is not changeable.

CAN Bus Mode

These options are only displayed if the CAN Mode is set as 'RACELOGIC MODULES MODE'.

  • Internal: This mode should be selected when Racelogic input modules are connected to the VBOX. In this mode, the CAN IDs and Baud Rate are non configurable. The baud rate will remain as the Racelogic baud rate of 500 kbit/s and the IDs are set to the standard message set.
  • External: This CAN mode should be used when VBOX CAN data output is to be used by an external CAN device such as a data acquisition system. In this mode the attributes of the CAN output stream are configurable by the user via the Transmitted Identifiers menu.

CAN Custom baud rate.png
Custom baud rate window


Transmitted Identifiers

This menu is not presented If the CAN Mode is set as 'RACELOGIC MODULES MODE' and the CAN Bus Mode is set to 'Internal'.

VBII VBOX Setup CAN Transmitted Identifiers.png

CAN Output Identifiers

Select which CAN output identifiers you would like transmitted.

VBII VBOX Setup CAN Transmitted Identifiers CAN Output.png

  1. Send

This shows that the CAN messages are always being transmitted, they cannot be turned off.

  1. Default / Actual ID

This allows the modification of the CAN IDs transmitted by the VBOX. Default values are the Racelogic standard ID’s of 0x301, 0x302 …. 0x307.

  1. Extended

To change the identifier format from standard 11 bit to extended 29 bit, tick the 'Extended' box in the corresponding column.

  1. Parameters

Shows which channels will be sent out within each CAN frame message.



You can change all Actual CAN IDs between Hexadecimal (default) and Decimal formats. This setting is for software functionality only, actual transmitted IDs do not change.

VBII VBOX Setup CAN Transmitted Identifiers Format.png

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