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The GPS menu provides the ability to set the dynamic mode, DGPS mode and adjust the level of filtering.


VBII VBOX Setup GPS Settings.png

  1. DGPS / RTK

This gives the option to select whether the VBOX II uses differential GPS. Use the dropdown menus to select the desired mode and baud rate.

  • Mode
    • None (default) - Differential GPS is off, standard position accuracy 3 m CEP.
    • WAAS – Position accuracy 1.8 m CEP.
    • 40 cm DGPS – Position accuracy 40 cm.
    • 20 cm DGPS – Position accuracy 20 cm.
  1. Kalman Filter

Adjust the level of filtering applied to the position and speed data in real time, selectable from 0 to 4. Once the filter is turned on, it remains on until it is manually turned off or a GPS Cold Start is performed, even if the VBOX is disconnected from its power supply.

  1. GPS Optimisation

This option allows you to change the sensitivity of the GPS engine.

  • High dynamics - For high dynamic applications such as brake stop testing.
  • Medium dynamics (default) - Suitable for all other testing.
  • Low dynamics - For less dynamic applications, such as steady state speed measurement or coast down testing.

Engineering Diagnostics

VBII VBOX Setup GPS Engineering Diagnostics.png

This area is used to set non-standard settings in the GPS engine. This should only be used on advice from a VBOX support technician.

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