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VBOX File Processor

VBOX File Processor Software

VBOX File Processor is a software utility which has been designed to manipulate VBOX data files after they have been recorded. 

For mining users with large amounts of data to analyse, the Downsample and VBO Append functions are most useful.

  • Downsample allows the sample rate of multiple vbo files to be reduced in a single process (e.g. 10 Hz vbo files can be downsampled to 1 Hz vbo files to reduce file size to one tenth of the original file size).
  • VBO Append allows for bulk appending of multiple vbo files in a single process.

More information on VBOX File Processor is available on our website.

To download the latest version of VBOX File Processor, go to our software download website

    VBOX FP Quick start link.png VBOX FP plugin link.png
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