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Quick Start Guide – Mini OLED Display DSP06-H


DPS06 Thumbnail.png

What is in the box?

When you purchase a Mini OLED Display (RLVBDSP06-H), you will find the following items when you open the box:

Product Code Quantity Description
VBDSP06-H 1 Mini OLED Display Unit with Hirose Connector
RLACS287 1 VBOX Lightweight Suction Mount



  • View parameters, such as Live Speed, Max Speed, Lap Times and Predictive Lap Time
  • Internal accelerometer flips the display according to the mounting direction
  • Inverse screen colours or change font options for varying operation condition
  • Shows logging and capacity status of connected VBOX units
  • Easy operation with the 3-button keypad
  • Recognises data from standard VBOX CAN and serial output
  • Low power consumption
  • Recognises serial data output from all VBOX units
  • Delta V LED indicators 
  • Combo G LED Indicators

Memory Usage

If the SD card you use in the connected data logging unit has less than 10 MB of space available, you will see a warning symbol flashing periodically indicating the amount of memory available. 

OK Button Functions

Depending on which mode is currently active on the screen, the function of the OK button will change. The splash screen shown when scrolling through the menu describes the function of the OK button in each mode.

You can also find the complete list below:

Mode Function
Speed  Start and stop logging
Max Speed Reset max speed value
Speed Bar Set centre speed and speed display range
Predictive Lap Timing Single Press fixes the reference lap according to your settings in Fixed Lap Mode
Predictive Lap Timing Pressing for >4 s clears the stored reference lap and all lap timing data
Lap Timing Set a new start/finish line
Lap Count No action
Lateral G Reset max g reached
Lateral G Bar Set min g and max g (targets)
Longitudinal G Reset max g reached
Longitudinal G Bar Set min g and max g (targets)
Menu Access the Menu

No Media 

If you do not have an SD card inserted in your VBOX data logger, the OLED Display will show a "No Media" message while the vehicle is moving at speeds of 5 mph or less. This makes it easier for you to make sure that you have an SD card inserted before you start your logging.

 Installing the Mini OLED

Display connection

When setting up the DSP06 Mini OLED display with a VBOX HD Lite.  


HD Lite_DSP06-H.png

HD Lite_DSP06-H+VehicleCAN.png

Display Modes

The DSP06 Mini OLED Display has different display modes that you can access by using the  ▲▼ buttons on the unit.

The data displayed on each screen is always calculated by the unit at all times, even if you choose not to display it. Click on the name of each mode to find relevant setup information. 

VBOX Mini OLED Speed Display - 126kmh (400px).png

VBOX Mini OLED Max Speed - 144 kmh (400px).png

Speed Max. Speed
VBOX Mini OLED Lap Timing - Lap Time (400px).png Mini OLED Predictive Lap Timing -1.13 No LEDs (400px).png
Lap Timing Predictive Lap Timing

VBOX Mini OLED Lap Count (400px).png

VBOX Mini LapTimer & OLED Lng G Screen (400px).png
Lap Count Longitudinal G
VBOX Mini OLED-  Lng G Bar Screen (400px).png VBOX Mini OLED - Lat G Screen (400px).png
Longitudinal G Bar Lateral G
VBOX Mini OLED - Lat G Bar Screen (400px).png VBOX Mini OLED Speed Bar - 063 kmh (400px).png
Lateral G Bar Speed Bar

LED Behaviour

Delta-V LEDs

The two front panel LEDs are used in predictive lap timing mode. They indicate if the current vehicle speed is faster or slower than the speed was at the same position in the reference file.

The LEDs will show red if the current speed is slower than the reference, or green if the current speed is faster.

The value defined within the ‘Delta-V range’ setting dictates the min. and max speed values to full brightness.  

The two LEDs act as a gauge, filling up from the left to right. Once the current speed is slower or faster than the reference, the left LED will illuminate. Once the current speed is above 50% of the defined positive or negative range, the LED on the right will also illuminate. 

Slower than reference lap Faster than reference lap
Mini OLED - red LEDs - PLT.png Mini OLED - left LED red -PLT.png Mini OLED - left LED green PLT.png Mini OLED - green LEDs - PLT.png
– 50% to – 100% – 1% to – 50% + 1% to + 50% + 50% to + 100%

Combo G LEDs

This mode takes over the function of the LEDs in the predictive lap-timing screen.

If the Combo G is greater than a selected minimum threshold (50 % LED minimum %, 0.5 g default), the LEDs will light up various colours dependent on the maximum g threshold selected (1.0 g default).

  • The LEDs will show red where the Combo G has reached the LED minimum % selected (i.e. 50% by default).
  • Above this minimum value, the LEDs will show a colour gradient between red and green, giving a changing yellow/orange colour, dependent on the live Combo G value.
  • The LEDs will show green where the Combo G is equal to or greater than the selected maximum g threshold.

Default settings example:

Mini OLED - LEDs off -PLT.png Mini OLED - red LEDs - PLT.png Mini OLED - orange LEDs - PLT.png Mini OLED - green LEDs - PLT.png
< 0.5 g 0.5 g 0.75 g ≥ 1 g

Creating a Reference Lap

When the Mini OLED Display is creating a reference lap, the LEDs will shine blue, the behaviour will then change back to its current settings when the lap is created and saved. VBOX Mini OLED - Creating ref lap (400px).png


You can access the Mini OLED display menu by pressing the OK button when on the ‘Menu’ screen. You can navigate the menu with the ▲▼ buttons.

To see the full list of menu options and their functionalities, we recommend that you read the Menu Options page in our User Guide.

VBOX Mini OLED Menu-ok_to_select (400px).png
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