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Performance Box Touch V2 – Decel Mode

Deceleration Mode is where you can perform deceleration tests using either pre-defined configurations or your own specified values. You can access it by pressing the Mode button at the bottom of the screen and selecting Decel.
PB Touch Mode Decel.png

The previously selected Deceleration test will be displayed after each power cycle.

You use speed parameters to start and end the test. The test results displayed on the screen will remain on-screen at the end of the test until the next start condition is met.

The speed units used in the test results depend on what you have selected in the General Settings area.

Decel Mode Overview

The Deceleration screen displays current and completed test information.
Decel Screen Overview.png

The screen is split into 2 halves:

  • Left-hand side: This includes a live-speed display which always shows the current speed of the vehicle irrespective of any test start or end conditions. If the vehicle is travelling slower than 0.5 km/h or the satellite lock is lost (less than 4 satellites), the value will display as 000.0.
  • Right-hand side: This contains test information: Distance travelled, run number, time taken, average deceleration achieved, maximum deceleration achieved (g) and height difference. These values will start to populate once the start condition of the test is met. When the end condition is met, they will remain on screen until the start condition is met again. You can reset a test by pressing the Reset button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: If you are using the battery, the Current Test header will not include units to make space for the battery status indicator.

Selecting a Test

You can choose a Decel Test by pressing the Settings button on the bottom left of the screen. Preset and custom test options are then available on the right-hand side of the displayed screen.
Performance Box Decel Settings (with red rectangle) v2.png
The test that is currently selected will be highlighted and will be remembered for future use, even if you choose another mode.

Preset Tests

The Performance Box Touch has preset 5-speed Decel tests. Press a test to select it. The '60 – 0' test is selected by default.

  • 60 – 0 (km/h or mph) default
  • 100 – 0 (km/h or mph)
  • 200 – 0 (km/h or mph)
  • 300 – 0 (km/h or mph)
  • 400 – 0 (km/h or mph)

When you select a test, the name of the test will be displayed at the top right corner of the Decel Mode screen.

Custom Test

You can choose your own start and end conditions by pressing the Custom Test button at the bottom right of the test area.
PB Touch Decel Settings Custom.png
You can then define the start and end speed conditions by pressing the corresponding blue value buttons.
Input Start Speed (0) - No Frame-v2.png
Keypad Example Start Speed

Use the presented keypad to select a value and press the Confirm button at the bottom right of the screen to save it. Press the Cancel Button at the bottom left of the screen to return to the Settings screen without saving.

Note: The maximum input value for speed is 999.9 and you can entered up to 1 decimal place.

Cancel Button.png Confirm Button.png

To save the Custom Test you have set, press the Confirm button at the bottom right of the screen. Press the Cancel button at the bottom left of the screen to go back to the Decel Mode screen without saving.

You can see the name of the selected test displayed at the top right of the main Decel Mode screen. The previously defined Custom Test will be remembered for future use, even if you choose a Preset Test or another mode.


Decel Settings

You can access the Decel Mode settings screen by selecting the Settings button at the bottom left of the screen. This is where you can set the test parameters and select other test options.
Performance Box Decel Settings v2.png
To return to the main screen, select the Exit button at the bottom left of the screen. Exit Screen.png

Alert at End

VBOX Touch Accel Settings Alert at End Decel.png
By default, the Performance Box Touch has audible and visual alert signals for when the test end criteria are met. It will beep and the 4 LEDs across the top of the device will flash green for 0.5 s. Tap the corresponding blue button to toggle between Disabled and Enabled.

Test History

You can view a history of the test results by selecting the Results button at the bottom of the screen.

The test results will display until you choose a new test type or you press the Reset button.

Decel Test Results - Framed v2.png
Results screen sample

The tests will be displayed in chronological order and the fastest will be highlighted. You can scroll through the results by using the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the screen.

Each new session will have a separate header, displaying the time and date for the first completed test in that session.

Information includes:

  • Test type
  • Time of first completed run in session
  • Date of first completed run in session
  • Test run number
  • Test completion time
  • Test completion distance (km/h or mph) 
  • Average deceleration achieved during a test run (g)
  • Maximum deceleration achieved during a test run (g)
  • Altitude difference between the start of test and end of the test (m or ft)

You can take a screenshot of the test history by pressing the Screenshot button.

If the unit is power cycled, a maximum of 127 tests will be remembered and displayed in chronological order. However, if more tests have been completed, they will still be recorded on the SD card. 

To return to the main screen, press the Exit button at the bottom left of the screen. Exit Screen.png

Save Results

You can also save the results as a .txt or .csv file (depending on the option selected) to the SD card by selecting the Save button at the bottom of the screen. When you press this button, the unit will emit an audible confirmation notification. If the results have been saved unsuccessfully, for example, if no SD card is inserted or the card is full, the button will flash 3 times and Performance Box Touch will emit an audible error notification.

If saved successfully, the file name will include the test type, the date and also the time, taken from the first completed run in that session. Along with the test history information described above, the results file also includes average acceleration information, as well as the latitude and longitude position (in degrees and decimal degrees format) added to the session header.



Pressing the Reset button at the bottom right of the screen will reset all test results shown on the current screen. When you press it, the LEDs will briefly flash green twice and the unit will emit an audible confirmation notification.
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