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How to Create a VBOX Touch Start/Finish Line Using a VBOX File

Lap Timing Mode requires a start/finish line to calculate lap times. By default, the start/finish line it used is detected from the Currently Selected Track based on its GPS location.

If there are no local tracks available, you can create a start/ finish line using the display when you are on the track. You can also create a start/finish line from a previously recorded VBOX file of the track by using the VBOX Test Suite Software.

  • You can download the VBOX Test Suite Software here.

Follow the steps below to create and upload a start/finish line from VBOX Test Suite to VBOX Touch:  
  1. Open the VBOX Test Suite Software and select the Add button from the Home tab.
VDMS Touch Create a Test Start Gate1.png
  1. Select CustomTest in the pop-up window and click OK to confirm.
PB Touch VBTS Create a Test Start Gate2.png
  1. Click OK again in the next pop-up window. You do not need to enter any test settings.
PB Touch VBTS Create a Test Start Gate3.png
  1. Load a previously recorded BOX file (.vbo) of the track by pressing the File button at the top left and selecting Load Data (keyboard shortcut F3). Navigate to the required file on your computer and click Load.
VDMS Touch Create a Test Start Gate4.png
  1. When the file has been loaded, navigate to the desired gate location in the Map window and select a point by left-clicking on the mouse. You can make the map larger by clicking on the maximise button 6a.png at the top of the window.
PB Touch VBTS Create a Test Start Gate5.png
  1. Select Add Gate from the ribbon menu to set that point as the start/finish line.
PB Touch VBTS Create a Test Start Gate6.png
  1. Click on the Export button to save the start/finish line (.spl) to a location on your computer.
VDMS Touch Create a Test Start Gate7.png
  1. Place the newly created .spl file into a folder named SF LINES on an SD card and insert the card into the unit.

  1. Press the Load Lap Timing Gates button in the Lap Timing Settings. If it can only locate one file on the SD card, the file will be loaded immediately. If it finds multiple files located on the SD card, the unit will display all available files. Select the file you want to use and press the Confirm button at the bottom right of the screen.
Confirm Button.png
  1. When loaded, a success screen will briefly display to show that the start/finish line was loaded successfully.
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