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06 - Circuit Tools Data Window

The Data window displays the values of the channels which have been logged at the position of the graph cursor. By default, Speed and Delta-T are displayed. Each parameter can be toggled on or off using the tick box in the Show column.

Up to 12 channels can be displayed at the same time.

Note: Selected default GPS channels are retained after the software is closed and reopened, however any additional selected CAN channels are not.

CTW Data Window.png

By default, the Current values of the channels are displayed, however these can be changed to MinimumMaximum, Range, Delta or Average, using the Quick buttons within the Data window or the Data menu tab.

CTW Data Format.png

As an example, if the Minimum 41.pngFunction is chosen, the values now show the minimum values displayed in the current graph window.

CTW Data Minimum Example.png
Minimum function enabled

Channels which are not selected are shown as semi-transparent. The transparency can be changed within the Opacity option in the Home menu tab. Within this area it is also possible to change the size and type of Font used to display the channel values.

CTW Fonts.png


Available Channels

Speed (km/h) GPS Speed over ground
LatAcc (g) Lateral acceleration (cornering g-force)
LongAcc (g) Longitudinal acceleration (accel/braking g-force)
Delta-T (s) Lap-time difference between two laps
Sats Number of satellites being tracked
UTC time (s) Co-ordinated Universal Time
Latitude Latitude position in degrees and minutes
Longitude Longitude position in degrees and minutes
Heading (°) Vehicle heading in degrees
Height (m) Height
Vertical vel (km/h) Vertical velocity
Distance (m) Rolling distance travelled since start of lap
Elapsed time (s) Elapsed time since start of lap

Data Window Options

44 (1).png

Current Current value at the cursor
Minimum Lowest value on the displayed graph
Maximum Highest value on the displayed graph
Range Difference between the maximum and minimum on the displayed graph
Delta Difference between the first point and last point on the displayed graph
Average Average of all points on the graph (at current zoom level)

Data Menu

CTW Data Menu.png


Data Format

By default, the Current values of the channels are displayed within the Data window, however these can be changed to MinimumMaximum, Range, Delta or Average using the Data format options, more information on these options is available above.

CTW Data Format2.png

Hide Unwanted Channels

All channels are shown in the data window by default, however the ones which are not selected are shown as semi-transparent.

You can choose to show just the displayed channels, hiding the non-selected items, by using the Selected channels only button.

CTW Data Display.png


Export / Print

The data view of the current position can be saved as a .csv file by selecting Export or printed using the Print button.

CTW Export Print.png

External Inputs

Most VBOXs are capable of logging additional channels; there are a number of different options available, the Mini-Input Module (8 analogue, 2 digital, 1 rpm), the Micro-input Module (4 analogue 1 rpm), or you can log vehicle parameters directly from the CAN bus (depending on Make, Model and Year). 

If logged, these additional channels will then appear in the Data window automatically, and can be displayed on the graph in the same way as all of the other channels.

46.png 47.png