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07 - Circuit Tools Video Window

The Video window shows video associated to selected files/laps in the Session window. You can display up to 6 videos at one time.

  • To toggle playback, hit the SpacebarEnterLeft/Right Mouse Click on the video, or use the playback controls as described below.
  • To jump back to the last stopped position, press BackspaceNumeric Keypad 0, or use the Playback Controls when the video is paused. Pressing it twice returns it to the start of the section shown in the Graph window, as described below.
  • To change the speed of the video, you can either use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys on the main keyboard (not the numeric keypad) or use the playback controls as described below.

CTW Video Window (Full Screen).png


You can switch to Full-screen video at any time by using the F5 key.

CTW Video Window (F5 Full Screen).png

Full-screen side-by-side video (F5)

Playback Options

Along with the keyboard shortcuts explained below, you can control playback by either using the buttons in the Video window or the Video ribbon menu.

You can Play, Pause, Stop, Move Forward, Move Backwards or Jump Back to sections.

CTW Video Playback2.png

CTW Video Play Button.png Play video
CTW Video Pause Button.png (changes from play symbol) Pause video
CTW Video Stop Button.png Stop video
CTW Video Back Button.png (changes from stop symbol) Jump video back to the last stop position
CTW Video Back2 Button.png (changes from jump back symbol) Jump video back to the start of section shown in the Graph window

You can also adjust the playback speed of the video as explained below.

Video Menu

CTW Video Menu.png



These options enable you to Play, Pause, Stop, Move Forward, Move Backwards or Jump Back to sections, more information about this is available above.

CTW Video Playback.png

Playback Speed

You can change the playback speed from x0.25 up to x4 regular speed by using the dropdown option.

Note: If you intend on playing back a large number of videos at high speed, you will need a powerful computer to process this.

CTW Video Playback Speed.png


You can use the Position slider to move the video forwards or backwards throughout the lap.

By moving the cursor in the graph window, the video will move to the synchronised position.

CTW Video Position.png

HD Overlay

CTW Video HD Overlay.png

This option will display a speed overlay at the bottom right of the HD video. This can be particularly useful if the scene in the video doesn't already have a speed element. The units on the overlay depend on what you have selected in the Speed units settings.

CTW HD Overlay.png
Video with speed overlay


Hardware Acceleration

If you find the playback performance insufficient, you can try and apply different hardware acceleration settings to improve the performance. The available options will change depending on your computer specifications.

CTW Hardware Acceleration.png

Ideal Lap Video

Clicking on the Ideal Lap button in the toolbar will generate a video from the fastest sectors in the session, and will be displayed when ready. If the Ideal Lap video has been previously generated for the session, it will be displayed straight away.

CTW Ideal Lap Video.png

Video Hotkeys

Keyboard Shortcut Function
Space bar/ Enter Play/ pause video
+ / – (main keyboard) Increase / decrease playback speed
Backspace / Num 0

1. Stop playback

2. Jump to last stop position

3. Jump to start of section shown in Graph

Left arrow ← Skip back 1 % of graph width
Right arrow  Skip forward 1 % of graph width
Alt + Left Aarrow ← Skip back single sample
Alt + Right arrow  Skip forward single sample
Shift + Left arrow ← Skip back 10 % of graph width
Shift + Right arrow  Skip forward 10 % of graph width
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