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03 - PT / DT Moving Around the Graphs

Once a file is displayed the data from the file can be examined more closely using the following basic functions: zoom, pan and cursor movement.


The position of the cursors in the Graph and Graph:Map windows are linked and move together, and the values displayed in the Graph:Data window update as the cursor is moved through the file. The left and right arrow keys control the movement of the cursor. If the shift key is simultaneously pressed then it moves faster across the screen; if the ALT key is simultaneously pressed then it moves through the file one sample at a time (one-tenth of a second.)The cursor can also be placed in the graph window by left-clicking the mouse button at the desired cursor position.


Zooming in on the data in the graph or map window can be done three ways.

  • Use the left mouse button to click and drag a window from left to right around the area of interest. Click and drag from right to left to zoom out.
  • Use the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to zoom in around the current cursor position. Pressing the shift key at the same time makes the zoom happen in bigger steps.
  • If your mouse has a scroll wheel then this can be used to zoom in around the current cursor position. Pressing the shift key before using the mouse roller ball will make the zoom occur in bigger steps.


To pan the view in the graph or map window, put the mouse over the area you wish to pan then click and hold the right mouse button and move the mouse in the direction that you wish to pan.

Graph Screen X Axis

To swap the X axis from Time to Distance either press the right mouse button anywhere on the screen or click the ‘Graph Set-up’ icon, then select ‘Graph Type’, then choose one of the two options, ‘Speed Against Time’ or ‘Speed Against Distance’.

pt4 (1).png

Speed against distance is useful for overlaying laps with different lap times around the same circuit (eg. different time, but same distance)

Speed against time is useful for examining performance files (acceleration and deceleration.)

Graph Screen Y Axis

The default view on the Y axis is for speed, in either MPH or KMH. More axes can be added to either side of the graph screen – see Axis Setup’.

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