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Satellites - SatGen 4

This page covers the Satellites tab in the SatGen 4 software.

The Satellites tab will show you a list of the available satellites in the different constellations applicable to your system. You can see the satellites that are visible above the set elevation mask, the satellites' PRN number, azimuth in degrees and elevation in degrees as well as an ascension/descension indicator for each satellite. 

Note: The satellite data is collected by using the start time of the scenario and the position of Waypoint 1. It will remain identical for all additional waypoints.  

Satellites - GPS.png


Click on the constellation tabs to see the list of satellites available from each constellation.  Constellation tabs.png
Click on the column headers to sort the satellites based on that column.  Column headers.png
You can un-tick satellites you do not want to include in your scenario file.   
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