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1 Target Vehicle Overview

This mode can be used with ACC, AEB, BSD and FCW tests and consists of a VB3iD-RTK in a Target vehicle and a VB3iD-RTK in the Subject vehicle that calculates typical vehicle separation parameters, with respect to the 1 Target vehicle.

1 Target Vehicle.png

High accuracy of the vehicle separation calculations is made possible by the use of a Static Base StationMoving Base or NTRIP correction solution.

A Moving Base or NTRIP solution removes the need for a fixed Base Station to obtain accurate GPS position, thereby allowing vehicle separation testing to be carried out in real world environments and without the restrictions of Base Station radio range.

The Target VBOX (tracked vehicle) will also log the normal GPS data to a .vbo file, so that the files from each VBOX can be compared in the VBOX Tools Graph screen or VBOX Test Suite Chart screen. This is useful to see the relative positions.

Configuration of the VBOX is done through VBOX Manager (RLVBFMAN).

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