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Hardware Configuration - 3 Target Vehicles (CAN Hub, Static Base and IMU)

To connect the hardware when testing with 3 Target Vehicles, using a CAN Huba Static Base Station and IMU Integration for Automatically Commanded Steering Function (ACSF)/ Lane Change tests, please refer to the configurations below:

The following diagrams show the recommended hardware configuration for each Vehicle. The items greyed out are not essential but many customers may find them beneficial. Click on the diagrams to open a high resolution pdf configuration.

Connection between the VB3i and laptop/computer should be made via USB or Bluetooth to ensure optimum performance.

Please ensure that all vehicle antennas are correctly positioned and connected.

Subject Vehicle

Single Multiple Target Vehicles (CAN Hub, Static Moving Base and IMU) - Subject.png

Target Vehicle(s)

Note: If you are using a CAN Hub within the Target vehicle(s), connect the components below as per the Subject Vehicle configuration above.

Single Multiple Target Vehicles (Static Moving Base and IMU) - Target.png

Radio Selection

ADAS telemetry and DGPS correction radio selection will depend on many factors, including how many Target Vehicles are being used, what geographical location they are being used in and whether you are using a Static Base Station or Moving Base Solution.