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3.4 Tests Menu

This page contains information about the Tests menu under the Front Panel settings on the VBOX 100 Hz Speed Sensor (v5) unit.

You can access the menu by pressing the OK button. Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate through the menu and press the OK button to enter a submenu or change a setting. When you edit a setting, the Up and Down buttons will let you scroll through the available options for that setting and the OK button will confirm your selection. Use the Back button to exit a setting. 

This menu can be used to configure brake test/lap timing settings.

VBSS100-V5 - Main menu - Tests.png
Brake test speed


Start Speed

Defines the start speed at which the test will begin (100 km/h by default).

VBSS100-V5_Test_Brake Test Speed_Start Speed 100_Edit.png
End Speed

Defines the end speed at which the test will end (0 km/h by default).

VBSS100-V5_Test_Brake Test Speed_End Speed 200_Edit.png
Corrected Dist.
Auto corrected

This sets the speed sensor to use the nearest rounded 10 km/h speed when the trigger is activated.

For example, if the trigger speed was 104 km/h, then 100 km/h would be the nominated start speed for the corrected brake stop distance.


85 km/h by default.

VBSS100-V5_Test_Corrected Dist_Auto_Selected.png

S/F Gate Width

Defines the width of any gates set (25 m by default).

VBSS100-V5_Test_SF Gate Width_25m_Selected.png
Retrigger Time

Defines the minimum amount of time needed between triggers for the second trigger to be valid. If a trigger is detected before this time, it will be ignored (1 s by default).

VBSS100-V5_Test_Retrigger Time_1 s_Selected.png
Lap Pulse Width

Defines the width of the pulse emitted when crossing a lap or split timeline (1 s by default).

VBSS100-V5_Test_Lap Pulse Width_1s_Selected.png
Split to Split time

Determines whether the 'Split Time' CAN channel is either the total lap time at point of crossing the split line or the delta time between split lines.

SF - Split or Split - Split

VBSS100-V5_Test_Split to Split Time_Split to Split_Selected.png

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