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3.5 Ethernet Menu

This page contains information about the Ethernet menu under the Front Panel settings on the VBOX 100 Hz Speed Sensor (v5) unit.

You can access the menu by pressing the OK button. Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate through the menu and press the OK button to enter a submenu or change a setting. When you edit a setting, the Up and Down buttons will let you scroll through the available options for that setting and the OK button will confirm your selection. Use the Back button to exit a setting. 

You can use this menu to configure the Ethernet on your VBOX unit. 

VBSS100-V5 - Main menu - Ethernet.png



Ethernet is switched off


This mode outputs the Racelogic proprietary Ethernet output. 

Note: When this mode is enabled, CAN will be set to 1 Mbit/s baud rate and all CAN IDs will be transmitted.  

Racelogic IP

This is the IP address of your VBOX unit. In this setting, you can change the IP address, which is stored in the unit's memory.

VBSS100-V5_Ethernet_Racelogic IP_Selected.png
Destination IP

A static IP that you can change and that is stored in the unit's memory.

VBSS100-V5_Ethernet_Destination IP_Selected.png


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