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3.3 Digital I/O Menu

This page contains information about the Digital I/O menu under the Front Panel settings on the VBOX 100 Hz Speed Sensor (v5) unit.

You can access the menu by pressing the OK button. Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate through the menu and press the OK button to enter a submenu or change a setting. When you edit a setting, the Up and Down buttons will let you scroll through the available options for that setting and the OK button will confirm your selection. Use the Back button to exit a setting. 

You can use this menu to configure the digital input/output settings.

VBSS100-V5 - Main menu - DigitalIO.png
Digital Input

Defines what the digital input will be used for, either as a brake trigger or as a track marker.

Brake Trigger

Enabling this mode allows the Digital Input to be used with a brake trigger. Activation of the trigger will start the brake stop distance measurement, where the VBOX unit will calculate a Time and Distance for a Brake Trigger to 0 km/h test. 

VBSS100-V5_Digital IO_Brake Trigger_Selected.png

Track Marker

When this mode is enabled, you can use the digital input to configure track features for laptiming.

You can use the input switch to:

VBSS100-V5_Digital IO_Digital Input_Track Marker_Selected.png

Digital Output

Defines the digital output of the Speed Sensor.


Sends a configured number of pulses per metre. This setting will apply the default configuration: 90 pulses/m = 25 Hz per km/h. 

Note: If you need a different configuration for this feature, you will need to configure it in VBOX Setup

VBSS100-V5_Digital IO_Digital Output_Speed Selected.png
Lap Pulse

Sends a pulse every time the start/finish line is crossed. This setting will apply the default configuration: 5 V pulse for 1 second

Note: If you need to apply a different polarity or pulse duration to this feature, you will need to configure it in VBOX Setup

VBSS100-V5_Digital IO_Digital Output_Lap Pulse_Selected.png
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