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GNSS – VBOX 3iS Dual Antenna RTK Settings

You can access the menu by pressing the OK button. Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate through the menu and press the OK button to enter a submenu or change a setting. When you edit a setting, the Up and Down buttons will let you scroll through the available options for that setting and the OK button will confirm your selection. Use the Back button to exit a setting. 
You can use this menu to configure the GNSS settings. VB3iSDR Main Menu_GNSS Selected.png

GNSS Coldstart 

This setting will perform a coldstart of the GNSS Engine.

You can find more information here.

VB3iSDR_GNSS_Coldstart_Perform (Framed).png

Dynamic Mode

This setting lets you change the sensitivity of the GNSS engine.

You can find more information here

VBOX 3iSDR_GNSS_Dynamic Mode_High_Selected (Framed).png

High (default)

For high dynamic applications such as brake stop testing.


Suitable for all other testing.


For less dynamic applications, such as steady state speed measurement or coast-down testing.


Sets the DGNSS mode.

Available modes are: 

  • None (default)
  • SBAS
  • RTCM
  • RTCM v3
  • CMR
  • MB Base
  • MB Rover
VBOX 3iSDR_GNSS_DGNSS Mode_None_Selected (Framed).png


This setting configures the DGNSS baud rate. 

To make sure that VBOX 3iS receives the DGNSS correction signal, you must set the correct DGNSS rate. All Racelogic blue boxed radios use 115200 kbit/s, and Satel grey boxed radios use either 19200 kbit/s or 38400 kbit/s.

  • 9600 (not available when a Moving Base DGNSS Mode is set)
  • 19200 (not available when a Moving Base DGNSS Mode is set)
  • 38400 (not available when a Moving Base DGNSS Mode is set)
  • 115200 (default)

VBOX 3iSDR_GNSS_DGNSS Rate_115200_Selected.png

Elevation mask

This setting lets you change the elevation mask, which is selectable from 10 to 25°. 

If the testing area has nearby trees or buildings, you may benefit from increasing this value to reduce the effect of multipath.

You can find more information here.

10 (default)15, 20, 25

Note: Increasing this value will reduce the number of satellites the VBOX will be able to use.

VBOX 3iSDR_GNSS_Elevation Mask_10_Selected (Framed).png

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