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03 Front Panel - VBOX 3iS Dual Antenna RTK


To facilitate unit configuration, VBOX 3iS units have an OLED display and four membrane buttons on the front panel.

Alternatively, you can use VBOX Manager to configure the VBOX 3iS unit. VBOX Manager will mirror the functionality of the front panel on the VBOX 3iS.

VBOX 3iSDR - Front Display_600px.png


VB3iS Display Up Arrow.png Menu up / Increase the value when editing a number. VB3iS Display Back.png Move to the previous menu level.
VB3iS Display Down Arrow.png Menu down / Decrease the value when editing a number.

VB3iS Display OK.png

Enter the menu / select menu item for adjustment.



When the VBOX 3iS is powered up, it will display the RACELOGIC logo along with the serial number of the unit. Next, it will change to display the firmware version of the unit. VB3iSDR_splash.png

When the unit has initialised and any warnings have been cleared, the number of satellites will be displayed.

Note: If you have enabled IMU integration, you will also see the KF/speed quality accuracy displayed here. 

VB3iSDR_number of satellites.png

Press the Down arrow to open the status screen where you can view information about Speed, Satellite count, RTK StatusWheel Speed and Dual Antenna status if it has been enabled. 

Press the Up arrow to return to the main screen.

VB3iSDR_status screen.png

Settings Menu

You can access the menu by pressing the OK button. Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate through the menu and press the OK button to enter a submenu.

Main Menu - ADAS.png



VB3iSDR Main Menu_Ethernet Selected.png

Kalman Filter

If you have enabled IMU Integration, the main screen should show an indication of the Kalman Filter status.

  1. Once the unit has acquired satellite lock, the display will read Filter Initialising - Remain Stationary for 30s.
  2. The message will count down to 0 seconds and change to Stationary Initialisation Complete
  3. After 2 seconds, it will display Waiting For Movement.

Note: If the speed rises above 0.8 km/h at any stage during the steps above, the countdown and filter initialisation will reset and the following message will be displayed: Speed >0.8kph – Initialisation reset.

kalman filter.jpg

When the unit has detected the speed, the display will show an indication of the Kalman Filter quality in relation to the Speed Quality Channel output on CAN ID 0x306. The display will read either:

  • Low Accuracy when the speed quality is >0.1 km/h.
  • Medium Accuracy When the speed quality is <0.1 km/h.
  • OK When the speed quality is <0.06 km/h for at least 5 seconds.

Factory Reset

You can reset the unit to its factory settings by pressing the Up and Down arrow buttons simultaneously and holding them for 5 seconds. After this period, the unit will beep and it will play an audible confirmation signal when the reset is finished.
VB3iSDR reboot.png
Note: Receiver settings (Dynamic Mode, DGNSS Mode, DGNSS Rate and Elevation mask) will not reset.
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