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Script Mode - SatGen 4

This page covers the Script Mode and its features and functionalities.

You can use the Script Mode to build a simple list of commands to create a trajectory. Click the Preview button to execute and preview the route generated from the script. A quick and easy way to get going is to use one of the predefined examples. You can use the IntelliPrompt feature to find formats for the different commands that can be used to create the trajectory.  

Set Start Position

Click on the Set Start Position button to pinpoint the first waypoint in the trajectory and have it added to the script. 

Script start point set.png

Intelliprompt Commands

Click on the IntelliPrompt button to see the availabel commands options. 

These are the availablle script commands that you can use to define and update the trajectory:

Intelliprompt button.png
  • Accelerate at xxxm/s2 for yyy seconds
  • accel=xxx@yyys
  • Change heading by ±xxx degrees, using radius of yyy meters
  • Change heading by ±xxx degrees, in yyy seconds 
  • Heading=+xxx@yyym
  • Heading=+xxx@yyys
  • Change height to xxx meters in yyy meters
  • Change height to xxx meters on yyy seconds
  • Height=xxx@yyym
  • Height=xxx@yyys
  • Repeat next section x times
  • End of repeat section
  • repeat=x
  • repeat=end
  • Change velocity to xxx km/h in yyy meters
  • Change velocity to xxx km/h in yyy seconds
  • speed=xxx@yyym
  • speed=xxx@yyys
  • Initial heading in degrees
  • StartHeading=xxx.xx
  • Height of starting point in meters
  • StartHeight=+xxxx.xx
  • Latitude of starting point in degrees
  • Startlatitude=+xxxx.xx
  • Longitude of starting point in degrees
  • Startlongitude=+xxxx.xx
  • Change vertical speed to xxx in yyy meters
  • Change vertical speed to xxx in yyy seconds
  • vspeed=xxx@yyym
  • vspeed=xxx@yyys
  • Wait stationary for xx seconds
  • Continue at the same speed and heading for xx seconds
  • Wait xxs 
  • wait xxs
Script Status

The script status will be displayed underneath the script window. This status will display in red, yellow or green depending on the status.


If there is an error, it will be red and provide information about the line that includes the error and what kind of error it is. 

If the script is being updated, it will be displayed in yellow.


If the script is operational, it will be displayed in green with the trajectory's total distance and time below. 

Script status - error.png
Script status - modified.png
Script status - ok.png
Click the Preview button to execute and preview the route generated from the script.  Preview button-1.png
Route Options - Script Mode

You can further configure your trajectory by using the options in the Route tab. The Route options will change depending on if you are using Map Mode or Script Mode, but you can see the full overview of the Script Mode route options here

Note: User-defined Script trajectories are defined in a local coordinate system. Due to this, script trajectories aren’t suitable for space and long-distance scenario simulations.

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