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ACSF - 3 Target, Static Base, CAN Hub, 2 Points

  • This guide will take you through a step by step process of setting up VBOX 3i units for ADAS Automatically Commanded Steering Function (ACSF)/ Lane Change testing.
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Automatically Commanded Steering Function (ACSF)/ Lane Change Testing

VBOX 3i enables engineers to log positional and time-to-collision data from up to 3 moving targets and a lane simultaneously, allowing them to meet the guidelines set out by the new Lane Change Test for Automatically Commanded Steering Function (ACSF).

ACSF testing and validation can be conducted on the test track using a static DGPS Base Station or via an NTRIP correction solution.


ADAS Test Automatically Commanded Steering Function (ACSF)/ Lane Change
Vehicles 1 Subject and 3 Target Vehicles
DGPS Correction Method Static Base Station
IMU Integration? No
CAN Hub Yes
Two Way Communication Yes
Vehicle Contact Points Up to 2

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that all product Firmware and Software versions are up to date!

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