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05 Setup

An overview of the VBOX Setup software connected to VBOX 3i Single Antenna (v5) units with firmware version 2.8. From this page you can find links to more information about the individual tabs available in the Setup software.



VBOX Setup Software can be used to configure VB3i and provides greater functionality in comparison to using a VBOX Manager.


To configure VB3i, the VBOX needs to be connected to a power source and a PC.

Configuration can be performed using VBOX Setup software, which can be downloaded here. You can connect to a computer via Bluetooth, an RLCAB001 cable to the 'SER' input and the computer's serial port (USB-serial adapter may be required), or via an RLCAB066-2 cable to one of the computer's USB ports.


  • Ensure that the VB3i USB-COM port drivers are installed to enable communication between the VBOX and the software, available to download from here. If a USB-serial adapter is being used, the RS232 to USB Converter driver is required.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or newer is required (must be compatible with .Net Framework 4.7.1).

For ADAS applications, connection between the VB3i and computer should be made via USB or Bluetooth to ensure optimum performance.

Once physically connected and powered, open the software and use the drop down list to select the correct COM port that the VB3i is connected to. VBOX Setup automatically connects to the selected device and enters the VB3i setup screen. 

VB3i VBOX Setup Connect.png

Note: An auto detect message may appear if the baud rate has been changed from the default value – select ‘Yes’ to allow the different baud rates to be scanned.

Software Overview

VB3i VBOX Setup Overview.png

  1. Menu - The side bar allows selection between the different settings menus. Click the buttons to change.
  2. Current menu - Displays the currently selected menu.
  3. Help - Depending on which menu is open, selecting the question mark icon will open up the corresponding User Guide page within the Racelogic Support Centre.
  4. Bus usage - View serial and CAN channel usage.
  5. Language - Select an operating language.
  6. Settings area - This area contains all the settings options dependent on which menu is selected.
  7. Write to unit - After making changes to setup, the write to unit button should be selected to ensure the settings have been uploaded.
  8. Close - Closes the software, if changes have not been saved to the unit, you will be prompted to save the settings.

Settings Menus

The side bar enables you to switch between the different settings menus; General, Channels, Logging, GPS, IMU, ADAS, CAN and Output. Click on the menus below to view more information.

General Menu

VB3i VBOX Setup General small.png

Channels Menu

VB3i VBOX Setup Channels small.png

Logging Menu

VB3i VBOX Setup Logging small.png

GPS Menu

VB3i VBOX Setup GPS small.png

IMU Menu

VB3i VBOX Setup IMU small.png


VB3i VBOX Setup ADAS small.png

CAN Menu

VB3i VBOX Setup CAN small.png

Output Menu

VB3i VBOX Setup Output small.png

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