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LEDs Not Working – Performance Box Touch


The 4 LEDs at the top of the unit provide visual feedback dependent on what process is being performed:

  • Accel/Decel Mode: If Alert at End is enabled, the LEDs will flash green for 0.5 s once the test end criteria are met.
  • Lap Timing Mode:
    • The LEDs provide a live reference lap speed comparison (Delta-V).
    • The LEDs will illuminate blue during the process of creating a Reference Lap.
    • When loading a Track Database file, the progress of the track database update is displayed via the LEDs; each lit LED will represent 25% of the process with all LEDs extinguishing when the process is complete.
    • When a Track Layout is changed, the LEDs will briefly flash green twice.
    • When a Finish Line is cleared, the LEDs will briefly flash green twice.
    • When a Standing Start is Enabled or Disabled, the LEDs will briefly flash green twice.
  • Speed Mode: If a Target Speed LED Alert has been set, the LEDs will flash green when the value is reached.
  • Screenshot: If a screenshot has been saved successfully, the LEDs will illuminate yellow in sequence from left to right to display the progress of writing to the SD card.
  • Reset: The LEDs will briefly flash green twice when a screen has been reset.
  • Battery (if installed): If the battery has run out of charge, the LEDs will flash red five times before the unit turns off.


The separate battery has its own LED next to the Power button. This will provide constant battery status information.

LED Description
Green (flashing when charging, unless charge ≥90%) >20% charge
Orange (flashing when charging) 10–20% charged
Red (flashing when charging) 0–10% charge
5 red flashes before turning off 0% charge


If the LEDs are not working, they may have been turned off!

Press the Settings button at the bottom left of the screen and use the Forward arrow or swipe left to navigate to the General Settings menu.



If the LED Brightness is set to Off, turn the LEDs back on by tapping the button to cycle through the available brightness options. The LEDs will preview the brightness level as you cycle through the options.

PB Touch LED Brightness Off.png

If the LEDs are still not working as expectedexpect, please contact Racelogic Support.

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